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In 1987,Mohamed LAHLOU, enginner by trade, established a textile production unit in the new industrial area of El Jadida (about 100 km south of Casablanca), with ten looms and one weaving machine, in order to meet the needs of the local market. The take-off was quick, and the growth continues. Out of a concern for quality and flexibility, he soon felt the need to integrate his weaving activity both upstream and downstream.


In 1991, in Casablanca, he established with his brothers Ali and Fouad, a dyeing unit. In 1992, two spinning factories are included in the company, before the addition, in 1997, of a weaving unit. The total integration of the textile sector has now resulted in the mastery of two essential parameters :
quality and manufacturing deadlines.

Bericolor has built its production capabilities by purchasing, at every step of its development, out-dated equipment, although its starting market did not impose such purchases on the company.

This deliberate choice of modernity and technology has, despite the costs involved, enabled Bericolor to become a leader on the local market in just a few years.

Above all, the technical mastery of this modern tool by the company's staff, mastery which is solidly implanted now, has enabled the company to produce new fabrics like Tencel and Stretch and surpass the limits of its initial market and conquer new and more challenging ones.